A New Procedure for Cosmetic Fillers

Facial Fillers are not new, but have many new brands, targeted treatments, and procedures. Originally, there were Botox and Juvederm. Today, there are fifteen fillers from which to choose. Some last a few months, while others can last up to two years.

Newer Products

One fairly new injection, Kybella, destroys fat cells in the chin and neck area on a permanent basis. Destroying fat cells results in a permanent outcome because cells are broken down and removed through the natural process of the immune system. Depending on the condition of the skin and the size of the area, several treatments may be required. The best aspect of these injections is that the process is gradual, so no one will know a cosmetic procedure was used unless the patient decodes to share that information.

Radiesse is a collagen stimulating injection that can last for a year or more. That is much longer than the three to six months most temporary fillers last. The more advanced injection solutions become, the longer they seem to be effective. This is an excellent development because fillers every four months are expensive. Costs are a fraction of those for plastic surgery, but are definitely not cheap.

What Is a Vampire Facelift?

Among the options for Facial Fillers in New York City is a new procedure known as a Vampire Facelift. Blood is taken from patients and enriched with platelets. The blood is then mixed with a chemical facial injectable and re-injected back into the face. The procedure can be used to restore volume to the face to eliminate wrinkles, rejuvenate the appearance of the skin with a healthy glow, and treat acne scars.

This procedure is non-surgical, takes about one hour, and is completed on an out-patient basis. It can last for nine to twenty-four months. A follow up procedure is recommended every nine months for maximum results.

Not New to Medicine

Although this procedure is new to the specialty of cosmetic procedures, it is not new to the medical community at large. Plasma-rich injections have been used to repair damaged joints, alleviate pain in those areas, and reduce stiffness. The practice of using the blood of the patient reduces risks of rejection, infection, and allergic reactions.


Since fillers are only available via prescription, a consultation with the doctor is how the process begins. The doctor will discuss desired outcomes with patients, ask about any previous cosmetic work, and inform patients of the best filler to meet their goals. Risks, pricing, and a detailed list of possible side effects are also discussed at the consultation.


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